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Who we are

We are a group of highly experienced clinical and academic practitioner psychologists with a special interest in autism (ASD) and other forms of neurodivergence.

portrait of Dr Emma Hunnisett

Dr. Emma Hunnisett

Dr Emma Hunnisett’s clinical and research background in ASD spans over 25 years. After completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology she worked as a research Assistant for Professor Sue Leekam, who pioneered research into joint attention in autism.

In 2000, Dr Hunnisett received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from UEA. She worked as a Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist in the Norfolk Learning Difficulty Services between 2003 and 2012, specialising in the diagnosis and support of children and adults who are on the autistic spectrum.

Since 2009 she has been working in private practice. Diagnosis of ASD is a core part of her practice. She also has extensive expertise in childhood trauma and attachment. Dr Hunnisett keeps up to date with the frontiers of training in assessment, diagnosis and interventions for people on the autistic spectrum. She is registered with the HCPC and BPS and is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

portrait of Leanne Horrocks

Dr. Leanne Horrocks

Leanne began supporting young people with autism and other areas of neurodiversity in 1996 when she was living in Brighton undertaking her degree in psychology. She continued to support young people with additional and complex needs including autism when working at the Children’s Society. Her work here included residential support work, respite work, sibling work and being responsible for running award winning inclusive holiday playschemes alongside staff from Suffolk County Council.

Leanne worked as an Assistant Psychologist in a learning disabilities team in Norfolk whereby she worked with children, families and adults and had a special interest in Autism and other areas of neurodiversity. Leanne was also involved in running groups for parents with learning disabilities and was active in undertaking research looking at adaptations to therapy for those with learning disabilities which became her Masters thesis.

During her Clinical Psychology doctorate Leanne also worked in forensic settings with offenders with learning disabilities and those with neurodiverse presentations. After completing her doctorate, Leanne worked within Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services in Suffolk assessing and treating a range of mental health issues in young people and assessing areas of development including areas of neurodiversity.

Leanne work on a systemic parenting group for families with a young person with autism. Leanne has continued to have an interest in assessment and support needs for those with neurodivergent presentations and has undertaken additional specialist training in assessing and understanding the female presentation of autism. Leanne currently works independently and specialises in work with complex families and young people, particularly with young people who are fostered or adopted or those who have experienced trauma

Leanne is a Theraplay practitioner and has a special interest in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. Leanne also has a special interest in providing post diagnostic support to assist young people and their families in understanding diagnoses of Autism or ADHD, what this means for them as individuals using a strengths based approach. She also provides support to schools in understanding and supporting children with complex presentations.

portrait of Fan Zhang

Fan Zhang

Fan started her Psychology journey as a Chinese student in University of Stirling and exited with a Masters Degree in Developmental Psychology. During this time, she focused on young children’s Theory of Mind, language development and Executive Functioing in ASD, under the supervision of Professor Gwyneth Doherty-Sneddon, a research pioneer in the visual cognition and communication of children on the spectrum.

Fan moved to Norfolk in 2011 as an Assistant Psychologist in a NHS Adult Learning Disabilities Team, also contributing to the Norfolk Asperger’s Service. She then extended her expertise into clinical practice and research on child trauma and attachment, as well as neurophysiology at a doctoral level at University of Roehampton.

Fan is currently a practising psychologist and the Lead Lecturer on a masters programme at the University of Roehampton. Fan is able to conduct interviews in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

portrait of Jodie Land

Jodie Land

Jodie Land has worked as an indispensable PA for Dr Hunnisett for over a decade and is now a central member of the Is It Autism? team, providing administrative and organisational support. Jodie will be your first point of contact. She organises appointments, liaises with schools and families, and ensures you have all the information you need. Jodie is based at The Consulting Rooms, 77 Newmarket Road, and can be reached on

Our team also draws on the expertise of an associated Paediatrician, a consultant Speech and Language Therapist, and an Occupational Therapist.